This is the left menu. I can place images, text links, etc. in this div. To change the properties of this div I can change the #left selector in the style sheet that is located on this page between the head tags.


All right, this is the sandbox page. At the moment it is also going to be the everything page. But I feel that moment won't last long.

I want to make a website like YourDailyGerman except about Schubert songs. I really like the old-school look and function of his site and also the light joy with which he composes it. Schubert combines all my interests and is the thing I care about most in the world, and he's written hundreds of songs so it works as a long-term project.

Now I'm going to copy and paste from the other page. I'm not really going to look at it very hard.


I have managed to put a cute little flower bouquet in the header. I would like to put it in every page. But we'll see about that. I don't want to set it as a background image because I think it will stretch... but maybe I'm being paranoid.

I have replaced that flower which was so cute, so I am going to display it here.


I am remembering how to write HTML including such features as links.

That link leads to the same website I used to learn coding back in 2001 or so on neopets.

Here's my immediate list of goals. (A lot of people on neocities seem to have these, which I find charming.)

  • Make a second page called "Sandbox"; move everything over there
  • Make this a landing page with a charming gif and a nice link to the sandbox.
  • Tweak the style sheet until I'm really happy with it :D

Okay that's it for immediate goals. My vision for this lil place is that I will make subpages every time I have another topic on my mind, and as I get more and more topics, I will collect the sub-pages into larger pages. I think there will be a whole page just for nostalgia. I really do feel so empowered by the action of coding. I feel like I have access to the same entire language I learned as a young person learning how to operate the world. I am also doing a little quasi-coding with making these chord sheets

I used to play with HTML and CSS as a kid, but I never typed in a stylesheet that automatically colored the tags and stuff. This is all so new and old. I feel like a blind old person in a nursing home who is handed their childhood teddy to fondle.

This page is all HTML. I'll make a new page to play with CSS.

Okay. My goal is to set up a little humble hermit page and link to my gumroad therefrom.

It's such a relief that neocities feels so personal and not-professional because I feel like I can just make pages about my interests. Websites like this actually feel like a house, and that's appropriate for me because I teach out of my house, so anyone who does business with me knows how I live anyway. I'm looking forward to making little digital expressions about my interests, and not feeling the pressure from wordpress wix etc. to have slick formats designed to manipulate, funnel, and sell, but where I can just feel like I'm sitting on an armchair talking to nobody about the things that are on my mind.

For people around my age, this is real nostalgia. We were on the computers, and we were among the first who were on the computers, when the internet was a landscape with places. Now the 'internet" is not places, it's videos - it's memes. People feel at home in vine compliation videos now. I hope people for whom those are the literal places they grew up are downloading those compilations and putting them on hard-drives.